How do you know from emotion? Our group presented a project that was supposed to try and answer this question as well as pose thought provoking questions, but I fear we went in over our heads.

Everyone in the group played a part in our final presentations and with each person came all of their ideas. We had 20+ slides and covered a wide range of content because we could and we thought we would need it. When you tell a student that the’re going to have to teach the class fro the entire period it becomes very daunting, and as an effects of that we overcompensated. The first activity that we did was an extremely effective ice-breaker. After we paired the class up with someone they normally wouldn’t talk to, we told the to draw from a jar of complements and insults, and then describe to their partners how they felt about it. Its impossible not to feel a little bit silly when you’re talking about “the way that made you feel”, the exercise forced them to recognize the ways emotion, while sometimes subtle, is present everywhere. With that concept in find they were ready to listen to the rest of the presentation.

The audience was laughing and posing 3 interesting questions for every bullet point that we had. In retrospect that could be taken as us having too many bullet points, but at the time I thought we were doing really well. A friend brought up the fact that our presentation followed almost the exact same structure as hers did and wondered if we copied it. I immediately said no because it hadn’t crossed anyone in the groups mind that we were doing the same things the group before us had done. I started to think about it. We both had entertaining icebreakers where we paired everyone up, showed some slides from the power point and went to a video, and we both had a main text from Radio Lab. I would be upset too if someone had done almost the exact presentation as me. If had the opportunity to go back and change something I would format the structure differently and cut out the slides we did on basic emotions and some of the slides that built up to our main point of reason and emotion going hand and hand.


One thought on “Ways of Knowing Project Post-Lesson Reflective Writing

  1. Nice reflection. I think you are right that you had too much. And often when we have too much, it’s because we’re not yet sure what’s important. This could have been some of the reason for the distractedness of the class (or it could have been ‘one of those days’). In revision (if that was a part of this) I would tell you to kill about 2/3 of your slides, pick 1-2 really thought-provoking texts, and center your discussion around them (Less information more revelation).

    That’s weird that your friend thought you copied. The content was utterly different, and effective structure is effective structure. It feels like if somebody was like “Hey, I’ve got an intro, 3 body paragraphs and a conclusion, too! You must have cribbed!”

    I was also really pleased with the way that your group worked together. You all seemed to put forward a lot of energy and effort, and you were consistently engaged with the process during work time. This is admirable!


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